Product Watch: Moleskine dresses up Kindle Reader, bending Digital to Tangible.

Aaaah… the beloved Moleskine graces nubie products with its touch.

It’s amusing that once-printed books go digital for convenience, and then get thrown back into paper and leather. At the end of the day, a digital reader may be convenient, but the lack of tangible page-turning leaves something to be desired for some people; there’s just no way that oil-based products satisfy the need for touch, the way paper and leather do. Let’s slap a little leather around that Kindle, shall we?

I love to watch the dance between the furious pace of digital convenience and our tenacious hold on earthly goodness. It’s as if Digital Life were a toddler dashing into new territory, new adventure, while an invisible maternal hand coaxes it back to a slower, safer, time-tested place.

From a design-process standpoint, particularly as it applies to product design and user experience, this Moleskine-Kindle product solution is a great illustration that reading is not solely about communication with words, but it’s a physical engagement as well.

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