Infographic Design: on Rates of Worldwide Innovation. Am loving the colors. Chocolate, anyone? #infographic

This graphic presents interesting data and does it well. The information is easy to absorb—a job well done.

While this beautiful graphic shows interesting data about high rates of patent filing in Singapore, and it seems to have spurred some valid online discussion as to the untouched variables in the data (such as the higher rate of quick-patent-producing electronics in Asia), I confess that I am most captivated by its colors.

I might be suffering from chocolate deprivation, because something about the milk-chocolate over dark-chocolate map overlayed with bits of raspberry, blueberry, and orange and lime rinds is getting to me, here!

Could it be that the colors are almost too beautiful and warm for the subject matter? Or might this color scheme elicit a more emotional, rather than an intellectually-driven reaction from women in general? Or am I just off kilter, here?

Despite the fact that I just want to keep looking at the colors, they did draw me in sufficiently to absorb the data. So perhaps there’s a tactic in there.

Credit: Grant Thornton Accounting


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