“Good Design is Good Business”—Florence Knoll

My friend Monica, who’s an interior designer, turned me on to this quotation by world renown furnishing designer Florence Knoll.

It’s a simple, lasting truism that applies to all fields of design, in my estimation. It’s also a reminder of the distinction between art, which is often created for the purpose of self-expression, decoration, illustrating the written word, propaganda or other forms of socio-political reflections, versus design, which must embrace functionality—that functionality which, if well executed, is useful to the user, and hence, good business.

2 responses to ““Good Design is Good Business”—Florence Knoll

  1. As a dealer representative for Knoll furniture in Denver, I couldn’t agree more. A great quote!. I like the contrasting point as well….

  2. Hi Chris. Belated thanks for your comment.I think the contrasting point underscores some of the differences between design fields, specifically, between furniture design and graphic design, while simultaneously pointing to their common ground in aesthetics and expression.

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