3 Product Designs striving to change habits for the better

It’s the mundane, oft-repeated habits of our times that create the most waste, cumulatively generating landfills at an alarming rate. Here are three product design and product packaging ideas that strive not only to reduce waste, but also to address ease of use, thereby encouraging behavioral consumer changes.

Paperboard’s line of Ditto hangers for home or business help make a dent against the 3.5 billion wire hangers and 8 billion plastic hangers that end up in landfills. The 17″ ziggurat hanger model (image 2), which was designed for Adidas and holds 20 pounds, has a 1″ wide shoulder and is perfect for holding even delicate fabrics such as knits—an award-winning design available in packs of 10 for $15 via Amazon.

For Starbucks’ 2010 Betacup Challenge competition, which invited designers to create cups that encouraged waste-reducing behaviors, Dutch designer Martjin van Loon came up with an edible solution: a heat resistant and liquid resistant wafer cup which can be disposed of by being eaten.


ECOvention’s GreenBox pizza box is tri-purpose: pizza suitcase, plates, and compact storage box. The top folds down into four pre-perforated plates, cutting back on paper plate use, and the bottom folds into a compact storage, eliminating the need for an additional storage container or wrap. It’s already used at Whole Foods in the U.S., Ali Baba Pizza in Canada, and other locations, and has been honored at the Responsible Packaging Awards on October 14, 2010, Boston.




2 responses to “3 Product Designs striving to change habits for the better

  1. As long as it tastes good! It’s a great concept but as to whether it’s been produced or not, I don’t know—I’ve seen no such indication. It would be great to try it.

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