Wooden Keyboard, Hacoa

Beautiful wooden keyboards, by Hacoa, for those who like the touch of natural material, even in a digital world.


Monogram—Adding Stiches to Printed Cards


This is a wonderful example of the unbeatable experiences that can be delivered by print , and the fabrication of other tangible crafts. While web design may reign supreme in terms of easy, broad distribution of information, it cannot involve the sense of touch the way that the printed and fabricated piece can—something that engages people in a direct, arguably intimate, level.

This piece for Monogram Design showcases the studio’s attention to elegance and detail.

Sound Mapping in New York City on Datavisualization.ch


From one spot in NYC, and a radius of activity around it, Mark Edward Campos created a visualization of the sounds in the gyms, bars, clubs and parks that typify this small sampling of the city. While outdoor sounds are notably lacking, such as one might expect from parks, and the data sampling is narrow, it creates a lively pattern of aspects of life in the city.

Hotel Viura, Spain—Avant Garde amidst 17thC Architecture

A modern, twisted, tilted architectural design for Hotel Viura, in Spain, creates plenty of window areas and terraces for guests to enjoy the old town views. Concrete cubes are starkly juxtaposed to the nearby 17th century church, yet the overall playfulness between old and new materials and forms, both indoors and outdoors, achieves a fresh and entertaining effect.