Oxymoron?—Digital Letterpress


3 responses to “Oxymoron?—Digital Letterpress

  1. No, I have not seen it in action.It looks rather well made, yet the irony of it is inescapable—the whole point of letterpress is tangibility, it seems to me. 🙂 On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind giving this a whirl, just to see how “hands-on” it might feel, for software.

  2. oh wow, this is really nuts!! I first saw your tweet without the link to this video, so had to wait til now to have my mind blown 😀 Agree, It could never be close to real tangible experience, but then again it frightening how much fun I’d likely have with it at a sitting. Will have to get on a mailing list for it. That just leaves getting an iPad, but then I’m all set!

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