Robo Lamps: Kozo

With magnetic arms to hold keys or other metal artifacts, the Kozo Man and its smaller companion, Kozo Kid, playfully shine light on your desk through their heads, in their full retro-mechanical rawness.

Available for purchase at Broodr.


Peeks into Designing Fonts

Wonderfull sketches from the font foundry, Playtype, illustrate the intricate, detailed studies that are part of the process of creating fonts.

Renault Z.E.—La Vie Electrique


Ad for a 3-model line-up of electric cars from Renault states,

“You’ve already embraced electrical for many things, so why not for travel as well? Renault Z.E.: 100% Electric. 0% Emissions.”

Retro-fitting props with mechanical gears and exhaust pipes, the ad seems to borrow from elements of steampunk to highlight the pervasiveness of electrical tools in our daily lives, while setting up a contrasting “clean finish” for the zero-emissions car line.