Sculptures from Recycled Tires—Yong Ho Ji

Not only is this a great recycling project, but Ho Ji’s way of using tires for texture and for molding animal forms creates a thought-provoking juxtaposition between the world of machines (cars) and the natural world (or the mythical world, in some of his sculptures).


Gorgeous Book Carvings of Su Blackwell

While there is quite a bit of beautiful and inspiring book carving art and paper art, the work of Su Blackwell has a particularly rich and endearing quality. Delicate carved detail, selected ink texture, diorama-like assemblage, and lighting combine to make pieces that suggest miniature, self-contained worlds.

NYT’s Iconic T is Edible, Flammable and More

The New York TimesT Magazine, dedicated to style, features the iconic Ts in various artisitc and beautiful interpretations, from edible Ts to flaming Ts.

A retrospective of T Magazine covers are viewable T Magazine’s blog.
Ts shown here are by Gary Card & Jacob Sutton (fiery T), Pierre Vanni (T in blue), Fendi (furry T), James Wocjik & James Biver, Carin Goldberg, Ken Haedrich & Dan Tobin Smith.