True Colors Infographic – Breakdown of Color Preferences by Gender

While this test is based on a narrow sampling of 232 people from 22 countries, the main findings are:
• The most preferred color, regardless of gender, is blue
• Orange is associated with inexpensiveness in both genders
• Men prefer brighter hues, but tolerate less saturated colors, and prefer shades over tints
• Women prefer softer hues, are less tolerant of unsaturated colors, and prefer tints over shades
• Purple is widely popular as a favorite among women, but widely unpopular among men


Delinquent Typography


Never Use More Than Two Typefaces and 50 Other Ridiculous Typographic Rules is based on quotes from designers about the seemingly untouchable type rules as they are muscled through academia, suggesting that these rules are in fact little more than frameworks. An act of typographic rebellion, some would say.
Publisher: BIS Publishers, Holland.

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Tutorial: Illustrator CS5 does bristles, Photoshop does 3D

The program versions roll out and the vector programs increasingly perform in bitmap space, and vice versa. This recent demo from Adobe (September 2010) shows light 3D modeling (shapes, light fx) in Photoshop, and soft-bristle effects in Illustrator.

What would my old friend Photoshop 3 say?
Makes me wonder how long it will be before Adobe is one product.

Logo Design: Great Visual Demos of the Process

Custom-shaped type, group typographic selections, color palettes explored, conceptual themes illustrated… A very nicely and succinctly illustrated process makes for good reference for designers and good education for designers’ clients. More at the Freelance Review.