Gorgeous Book Carvings of Su Blackwell

While there is quite a bit of beautiful and inspiring book carving art and paper art, the work of Su Blackwell has a particularly rich and endearing quality. Delicate carved detail, selected ink texture, diorama-like assemblage, and lighting combine to make pieces that suggest miniature, self-contained worlds.


Moody Dioramas & Letterpress Promos

I am a big fan of miniature and moody scenic design. In these wonderfully crafted dioramas, Paolo Ventura creates scenes for an unwritten story he was told in his childhood: L’Automa recreates Venice in the winter of 1942, the set for a story of a man who creates a robot to fight his loneliness after town Jews are sent away.

For part of the show’s promotion, the artist worked with a letterpress artist to create a vintage-style poster suiting the style of the diorama and the tale.

In the video, Paolo speaks of winter as a major player in his creations.


Paolo Ventura on Winter Stories from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.

Disabilities yield Creative Discovery in Two Artists

Two tales of disabled artists who push through their disabilities and, in the process, discover new self-expression and public recognition.

Marwencol is a 1/6th scale town set in World War II, as created by Mark Hogancamp. After suffering brain damage as the result of an assault, Mark finds that he has lost his memory as well as his ability to draw. He creates new memories and exercises his fragile motor skills by bring life to the characters of Marwencol and photographing them with vivid realism.


| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

Pete Eckert was trained in sculpture and industrial design, but when a genetic condition led him to be permanently blind, he uncovered photography as a way to convey audio-driven visual representations.