Visualization: 1 Billion Foursquare Checkins

Beautiful data visualization shows 1 billion Foursquare check-ins worldwide.


Sound Mapping in New York City on

From one spot in NYC, and a radius of activity around it, Mark Edward Campos created a visualization of the sounds in the gyms, bars, clubs and parks that typify this small sampling of the city. While outdoor sounds are notably lacking, such as one might expect from parks, and the data sampling is narrow, it creates a lively pattern of aspects of life in the city.

True Colors Infographic – Breakdown of Color Preferences by Gender

While this test is based on a narrow sampling of 232 people from 22 countries, the main findings are:
• The most preferred color, regardless of gender, is blue
• Orange is associated with inexpensiveness in both genders
• Men prefer brighter hues, but tolerate less saturated colors, and prefer shades over tints
• Women prefer softer hues, are less tolerant of unsaturated colors, and prefer tints over shades
• Purple is widely popular as a favorite among women, but widely unpopular among men


Interactive Graphic: World Water Usage

This beautiful interactive graphic allows users to click on the wheel or the graph to explore water usage by country, in terms of Water Withdrawl per Capita, next to other Environmental and Quality of Life indexes including Health, Safety, and Cost of Living, paired with a table showing percentage of Urban Population. Go to interactive graphic at


Design Credit: Jan Willem.