Luxury Bus Ride, in Private Cocoons

A bus designed for privacy: Willer Express, a Japanese bus running from Osaka to Tokyo, provides extensive privacy and comfort in these cocoons designed to envelop each passanger in a near-bubble. Reclining seats, individual lighting control and individual entertainment are some of the cocoon features—allowing room for only 12 lucky passengers.


1920s Japanese Graphic Design

Posters, magazine covers and advertisements from 1920s and 1930s Japan, showing a newly embraced popularity of western modernism.

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Shinjuku Green Parking Design

A two-story concrete parking lot design features walls made from hanging, living plants that not only beautify the area by adding green and hiding cars, but help to absorb car emissions. The concept, by cheungvogl, includes a water harvesting system, and the plants’ textural thread allows light to filter naturally into the Tokyo building.