Elegant Whisky, by Compass Box

Elegant, streamlined bottles with added letterpress, sticker-peel lables, for Compass Box Whisky Company.


Elegant Can Labels

The simplicity of scarcely-applied black and a brand-emphasizing hit of a single color, together with ample negative space and elegant type, appears to promise a soothing, honest and quality-driven item. Delightful design work by Michael Nagy.

Sophisticated soda dresses bottle with more flavor

DRY Soda’s lightly sweet beverages, designed to be paired with food, were initially launched in 2005 with a bottle design meant to evoke sophistication. Five years later, the design was updated to represent each flavor more visually, with iconic graphic forms rather than just with type and color. One noted addition: the calorie count, plainly and boldly marked right near the mouth of the bottle.

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Design credit: Turnstyle