Potato Letterpress


Alex Prior and David Weller get creative making an inexpensive, easy-to-carve letterpress set for a school fund-raising benefit. Carve, stamp, rinse letters, repeat.


Layered Matchbook Letterpress Invitation

Celebramos cosas bonitas” is a non-traditional, letterpress, multi-layered and interactive wedding invitation centered around the festive, bonfire-themed Spanish holiday, San Juan. Concealing the wedding as part of many fiery festivities of the day, the invitation centers around a matchbook and symbols suggesting other astronomical, happy events such as the sun and stars, and of course, a match made in heaven. Designed by Studio on Fire.

Moody Dioramas & Letterpress Promos

I am a big fan of miniature and moody scenic design. In these wonderfully crafted dioramas, Paolo Ventura creates scenes for an unwritten story he was told in his childhood: L’Automa recreates Venice in the winter of 1942, the set for a story of a man who creates a robot to fight his loneliness after town Jews are sent away.

For part of the show’s promotion, the artist worked with a letterpress artist to create a vintage-style poster suiting the style of the diorama and the tale.

In the video, Paolo speaks of winter as a major player in his creations.


Paolo Ventura on Winter Stories from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.