Whimsical Yogurt Shop Identity

A light, playful identity for Yigloo, a yogurt shop.
Credit: Foreign Policy Design Group


Design Master Massimo Vignelli Creates Modern Icons but dislikes the Trendy

A brief interview with Designboom reveals that the creator of the New York City subway maps, the American Airlines identity and the United Colors of Benetton identity listens to baroque music, avoids trendy clothes and would love to design for the Vatican corporate identity. A man known for creating some of the 20th Century’s most iconic visuals has an affinity for a musical movement and for a powerful institution, both created in centuries long past—Fascinating contrasts.

Design Process: A simple logo direction—13 sketch pages later

It may not be obvious from contemplating some brands and their logos, but coming to a simple, elegant design solution that communicates a brand’s position with clarity, is often the result of a long thought-process.

The process begins by honing on a clear brand message: its key points, its differentiation from the competition, its value proposition to the user. Hopefully, these are in place before the brand is further defined via a logo and other marketing collateral; if they are not, then the company should back track and make, as a minimum, a simplified marketing plan to identify these.

In a logo design process, these marketing propositions lead the visual explorations that eventually get distilled into what is hopefully the clearest message.

These thirteen sketch pages are a great illustration of the logo design process as applied to Offsetters, a carbon-offsetting group. 


Creative director: Ian Grais/Chris Staples

Agency: Rethink

Designer: Nancy Wu


Logo Design: Great Visual Demos of the Process

Custom-shaped type, group typographic selections, color palettes explored, conceptual themes illustrated… A very nicely and succinctly illustrated process makes for good reference for designers and good education for designers’ clients. More at the Freelance Review.