Wooden Keyboard, Hacoa

Beautiful wooden keyboards, by Hacoa, for those who like the touch of natural material, even in a digital world.


Forest Xylophone & Wood Phone

Highlighting the purity of sound from wood, this ad elegantly delights the senses, enticing the viewer to contemplate the touch of wood in one’s ubiquitous digital life, with a cell phone from Docomo, of Japan.

Baked Objects

Inspired by Salemi, a Sicilian event where flour-based objects are created for decoration, Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of Formafantasma created these baked objects for Dutch Design Week 09 in Eidenhoven. The collection includes objects made from flour, spinach, coffee, and other food. While they may not be practical or durable like conventional objects, these bowls and bottles, formed simply and from simple means, seem to quietly make a profound statement about the beauty of natural material and the needless divergence from it in the production of many ordinary objects.

Via Deezen ; Via Posterous

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