NYT’s Iconic T is Edible, Flammable and More

The New York TimesT Magazine, dedicated to style, features the iconic Ts in various artisitc and beautiful interpretations, from edible Ts to flaming Ts.

A retrospective of T Magazine covers are viewable T Magazine’s blog.
Ts shown here are by Gary Card & Jacob Sutton (fiery T), Pierre Vanni (T in blue), Fendi (furry T), James Wocjik & James Biver, Carin Goldberg, Ken Haedrich & Dan Tobin Smith.





Spurlock’s Brand Love

The Art of the Shoot, or How Two Images wonderfully capture this:

Morgan Spurlock, of Super Size Me food documentary fame, and Fast Company teamed up for this photo shoot for the story “I’m with the Brand”—a look at the role of branding messages in media and the relationship between media content and advertising. Spurlock’s upcoming film, Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, taglines: “He’s not selling out, he’s’ buying in.”

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Trailer from POM Wonderful on Vimeo.

Little People Street Art

Little people set up against real urban settings making subtle, and not-so-subtle statements about life. The artist entices people on the street to stop and pay closer attention to their surroundings, in the process inviting them to reflect on the isolating feelings of living in big cities. By Slinkachu.