Peeks into Designing Fonts

Wonderfull sketches from the font foundry, Playtype, illustrate the intricate, detailed studies that are part of the process of creating fonts.


Monogram—Adding Stiches to Printed Cards


This is a wonderful example of the unbeatable experiences that can be delivered by print , and the fabrication of other tangible crafts. While web design may reign supreme in terms of easy, broad distribution of information, it cannot involve the sense of touch the way that the printed and fabricated piece can—something that engages people in a direct, arguably intimate, level.

This piece for Monogram Design showcases the studio’s attention to elegance and detail.

Layered Matchbook Letterpress Invitation

Celebramos cosas bonitas” is a non-traditional, letterpress, multi-layered and interactive wedding invitation centered around the festive, bonfire-themed Spanish holiday, San Juan. Concealing the wedding as part of many fiery festivities of the day, the invitation centers around a matchbook and symbols suggesting other astronomical, happy events such as the sun and stars, and of course, a match made in heaven. Designed by Studio on Fire.