Robo Lamps: Kozo

With magnetic arms to hold keys or other metal artifacts, the Kozo Man and its smaller companion, Kozo Kid, playfully shine light on your desk through their heads, in their full retro-mechanical rawness.

Available for purchase at Broodr.


Robots with Racquets

In a Zurich lab, at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, elegantly-mobile robotic mini-choppers are developed for exquisite range of motion and response. The “quadrotors”are made to engage in bouncing balls, perform synchronized dances, balance poles, and play piano. Other research at IDSC includes the development of robots capable of learning tasks and developing response via practice, much like in human learning.

Syd Mead, Blade Runner Designer, Reflects on the Future

Syd Mead designed the look of Blade Runner, Tron, and other movies. In this video brief, he discusses the accelerated pace at which technology is changing, bringing many sci-fi concepts, including androids, into an ever-nearing reality. But while technology appears to dominate the subject of The Future, what truly drives it is human intellect and the creativity that strives to re-arrange our material world. Now, more than ever, and at ever-increasing rates, we can re-arrange the world in which we live.

2019: A Future Imagined from Flat-12 on Vimeo.

QB Conference bot steps up telecommuting

With simple keyboard controls, this little robot can roll into a meeting and sit, turn to follow a speaker, roll out of the room to follow cooler dialogue, display video on its forehead, use a built-in laser pointer—pretty much anything to enable a remote colleague to participate in communications on a job site, be they formal or informal, as long as they’re accessible by wheels and within an 8-hour battery life.

The cute bot has its clear limitations, but it’s an improvement over the bigger and more limited formalities of common video conferences, where discussions are bound by an arbitrary length of time, static tables, chairs, and screens, organizational hierarchy, and other constructs that constrain the exchange of thoughts to a formula that is not always the source of the ideas that drive an organization.

QB is made by Anybots, who envisions a coming reduction in business travel and its carbon footprint.