R2D2 visits 1912, or thereabouts

Iconic, cute R2D2 just became more organic in this steampunk creation, making him newly endearing.


Shocking Global Facts in a Collection

The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts: From poppy production to the leading cause of greenhouse gas production, this collection of infographics and editorial-style layouts presents the world in a series of not-so-pleasant facts, including:
• 848 Million people in the world are malnourished; 1600 million people are overnourished
• Just 5 countries control over 1/3 of the World Bank
• 8.75 Million people worldwide are in prison
• Deforestation accounts for 25% of greenhouse gases 

D’Espresso shop stacks books for Vertigo?

With floors, walls and ceiling covered by stacks of books, this New York coffee shop, D’Espresso, surely does a fine job of bringing people in from the busy streets off of Grand Central Station, New York. It might even have the added benefit of attracting customers without having them linger in the shop for too long—an issue for many coffee shops where laptop-ridden clientele linger for hours with few purchases. 

Credit: Nema Workshop

Smart package design for Smart consumption

Making the use of concentrated and refillable soap simple and visually clear, the Replenish bottle facilitates smart consumer consumption. Only the bottom portion of the bottle, containing the concentrate, is repurchased, reducing the use of plastic. The concentrate is then inverted into a pre-measured space in the main cavity, where water is poured to dilute the concentrate. Et voilà!

Sophisticated soda dresses bottle with more flavor

DRY Soda’s lightly sweet beverages, designed to be paired with food, were initially launched in 2005 with a bottle design meant to evoke sophistication. Five years later, the design was updated to represent each flavor more visually, with iconic graphic forms rather than just with type and color. One noted addition: the calorie count, plainly and boldly marked right near the mouth of the bottle.

More via Lovely Package
Design credit: Turnstyle