Saul Bass’ Complete Vertigo Branding Package


In 1958, Saul Bass created the entire visual package for Hitchcock’s film, Vertigo, including title treatments, one sheets, half sheets, lobby posters, ads, trailer… the whole visual package for the film.
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Neon Boneyard is a Typophile’s Treasure Chest

Discarded for their glory days past, the rusting signs at Las Vegas’ Neon Boneyard, part of the Neon Museum, are chock-full of dazzling letter shapes for typophiles, and textures and color for other graphically-inclined eyes.

Soviet Posters 1919-1935

Political posters of the 20s and 30s warn of capitalism’s dangers, hail the vision of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, and praise the proletariat. Though easily dismissible as Socialist Realism influenced by 1920s modernism and the dualism of Friend and Foe (both in domestic and foreign contexts), the posters are diverse in style and sometimes reflect more than a commissioned, caricatured propaganda.

These selections are part of an extensive private collection of posters, postcards, and lithographs from diverse sources. See more at Views + Reviews.

Spanish Tourism Posters, Pre-Civil War

Joseph Morell Macías was born in San Esteve d’en Bas (province of Girona), Spain, in 1899. After his art studies in Seville, and travels abroad to Belgium and France, he returned to Spain to become the greatest influencer of tourist-based posters from the 1920’s up until the Spanish Civil War, with work marked by simple compositions, painterly style, and strong diagonal lines.

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