John Jay: On Creativity and Breaking from Comfort Zones


Ed Jacobs: Design Process Is No Substitute for Good Ideas

Ed Jacobs | Design Process from Confederate Motors, Inc. on Vimeo.


While recognizing the “Design Process” for its value, Ed Jacobs underscores the importance of a good, new, and intuitive idea as the foundation for any creation. Design process, in other words, can sometimes be a crutch for cookie-cutter ideas that lack a concept and the vibrancy that can move the end-users or audience.

Moody Dioramas & Letterpress Promos

I am a big fan of miniature and moody scenic design. In these wonderfully crafted dioramas, Paolo Ventura creates scenes for an unwritten story he was told in his childhood: L’Automa recreates Venice in the winter of 1942, the set for a story of a man who creates a robot to fight his loneliness after town Jews are sent away.

For part of the show’s promotion, the artist worked with a letterpress artist to create a vintage-style poster suiting the style of the diorama and the tale.

In the video, Paolo speaks of winter as a major player in his creations.


Paolo Ventura on Winter Stories from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.

Syd Mead, Blade Runner Designer, Reflects on the Future

Syd Mead designed the look of Blade Runner, Tron, and other movies. In this video brief, he discusses the accelerated pace at which technology is changing, bringing many sci-fi concepts, including androids, into an ever-nearing reality. But while technology appears to dominate the subject of The Future, what truly drives it is human intellect and the creativity that strives to re-arrange our material world. Now, more than ever, and at ever-increasing rates, we can re-arrange the world in which we live.

2019: A Future Imagined from Flat-12 on Vimeo.

Erik Spiekermann on Design and Life

Graphic design can change your life from Edenspiekermann on Vimeo.

Great observations by Erik Spiekermann on graphic design, type design, the process of creating these and their impact on every culture’s visual communication… including the impact of poorly-designed voting forms on a U.S. presidential election.

Stefan Sagmeister: Functionality is Optional, but Honesty is Key

Innovative designer Sagmeister shares his views on graphic design, including its role to translate non-visual messages into visual communications.


Referenced: Bauhaus movement. See brief historical context.
See Sagmeister’s studio home page, which utilizes a webcam feed with clickable menu on the floor of the studio.