Beastly Men, Illustrated by Kopinski

The rich, detailed, beautifully-lit and incredibly rendered 2D digital illustrations of Steafan Kopinski


Métronomie—A Modular Subway Concept

Perceiving the subway ride as something that should be enjoyable, Yves Lombardet created this concept that is not only gorgeous, but that breaks the monotony of repetition in public transportation: by incorporating a modular approach, this subway can vary themes and spatial arrangements from car to car.

If such a design were widely implemented in public transportation, perhaps more travellers would be encouraged to leave their private vehicles behind for daily commutes.



Living Environments—Rachel Armstrong

In this TED talk, Rachel Armstrong describes the innovative breakthroughs of synthetic, living materials and their vast applications in adapting and retrofitting our environments, such as in preventing the sinking of Venice.


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Neoplasmatic Future Homes: How synthetic algae skins on homes could improve energy use. 

Pirate Ship Bedroom Design

More than just a decorative touch, this pirate-ship bedroom connects the ship with a jail cell through a rope bridge, dangles a climbing rope from the ship to the closet, and hides a slide that brings the adventurous kind downstairs, to the home’s ground floor. Wow. Designed by Steve Kuhl, Kuhl Design Build.